hunty i dragged the kids

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3am comics


3am comics

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this one is even spookier. Look what I fucking found in my house.

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When you have to watch the baby and shovel snow


When you have to watch the baby and shovel snow

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go to and type (on your keyboard) up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A and watch what happens when you keep pressing A

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An official post of my Harry Potter Valentines (including some new ones I didn’t post last night) !

The Hagrid one is kind of like… an insulting Valentine. So you can give it to your enemy to let them know you still don’t like them, but you wanted to include them on this emotional Hallmark holiday. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! (bit early, woops)

-Kjersti (new york kitty)

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If I Wrote Fortune Cookies

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