i get really irritated when i see princessy disney posts and shirts and products and alice is included but megara isn’t


meg is more princessy than alice is

i’m not even gonna come out to people

i’m just gonna say “i’m a 3 on the kinsey scale”

and when they ask what that is i’ll tell them to google it and let that be the end of it





i hate it so much like i honestly just want to lay face down on the ground like 90% of the time

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fucking college

i’m never on here anymore

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it’s my birthday i’m finally 18!!!

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as much as i’d like to blog i don’t want to be spoiled about last night’s episode of glee so until i watch that i will be MIA lol

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i think i’m gonna make a new blog that’s less personal

because this one is fun but i have people i know following me on here and i want to be able to more freely express my inner thoughts

so yeah i’m gonna make another one

obviously i’ll still be on this one a lot but i need another outlet

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i just watched the wrecking ball video and at first i was disappointed by the sexuality of it but then i reinterpreted it as her nakedness symbolically and her willingness to be with someone fully and then the cold, hardness of the wrecking ball being the other person

kind of impressed actually

my mondays are so brutal

i have class from 1-5:45 then i work from 6-8

on the bright side, work is really easy. i work at my library info desk and i just answer a question or two and then i get to do my homework the whole time

so it’s not too bad but god damn am i tired now

i’m so hungry but the student center is so far

all i want is some jersey mike’s to motivate me to do this history assignment

college has made me so ridiculously busy 

seriously i’m like never in my room

finally all moved into my room!

i am officially a college girl hehe

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